Projects & Skills

Level 1 & 2 Combination Proposal (lead / mentor component)

Student Name: Lee Kavanaugh

Today’s Date: June 21, 2020

Name of Agency/Organization/Service Project Title:  “Do you hear what I hear?” A presentation to musicians about how to protect their hearing, whether performing, practicing and in daily activities.

Identify the Agency/Organization Leader and/or the student leader for this service project.
Student leader is Lee Kavanaugh, S.N. Agency is a performing arts group, possibly William Jewell’s Wind Ensemble, if Covid-19 allows.

Write a brief description of the proposed service activity:
First, a brief talk introducing myself and my background. Explain my hearing loss from music performances. Have a brief PowerPoint showing examples of decibel levels in both music and other ADL’s such as watching sports, movies, listening constantly with ear buds, etc.

Date and time of Service Activity: TBA


Identify three (3) objectives for this service experience.

  1. To remind musicians that hearing must be protected in our noisy world.
  2. For them to remember that hearing loss is permanent.
  3. To distribute Etymotic Filtered Ear Plugs that allow musicians to hear overtones but blots out sound above a certain level. NOTE: I learned through research that Etymotic ear plug company sponsors hearing loss talks and states it will donate enough Etymotic Ear Plugs for an Entire ensemble. Wonderful because those are the ear plugs professional musicians use. Their program is called Adopt-A-Band.

Identify the target population and discuss the need for the service activity within the target population.
Musicians use their hearing in every aspect of performance. Hearing loss is below most young musician’s awareness.

Determine the schedule for the day and the expectations of the Agency/Organization.
I have point of contact for William Jewell Music administrators but have not yet sent a letter request.

Explain how nursing skills and knowledge will be used throughout the service project.
Nursing skills will be applied through PowerPoints showing the pathological reasons for hearing loss (also in the creation of PowerPoints.) Knowledge is from my life experience with practicing in small music rooms, having trumpets blast behind me in jazz performances, marching band scenarios where I couldn’t hear myself scream, and learning that Arrowhead Stadium is the loudest football venue in the world! I plan to bring my bass trombone and play a song: Do You Hear What I Hear?

List the number of volunteers needed for this service project and what the expectations are for the volunteers participating.
Just one person. My fear is the technology part, but I will have that worked out soon.

Level 1 & 2 Combination Proposal Approval: _______________________  Date: ____________

Nursing Arts Laboratory

Skills Mastery

The nursing student will successfully demonstrate the following skills during in the Nursing Arts Laboratory at William Jewell College while completing the Nursing Program. The student will frequently evaluate their knowledge of the concepts regarding the  skill and their confidence level of performance of these skills: 

3 = Confident / Oversee     2 = Minimal Assistance         1 = Maximal Assistance
A = Knowledge Known      B = Knowledge Unknown



Head to toe assessment


Medical Asepsis


Inserting a urethral catheter


Administering Medications: oral, ophthalmic, otic, nasal, vaginal, rectal, metered inhalant

Sterile dressing change


Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal suctioning


Tracheostomy care


Endotracheal suctioning


Nasogastric tube insertion


Accucheck easy glucose monitoring


IV pump tubing change


IV Medications: bolus, intermittent 


Blood administration


CVAD dressing change


Dysrhythmia recognition

Comments: These skills will grow as I progress in nursing school.